We are "urgently seeking workers" for the following professions:

GENERAL: Agricultural Workers, Caregivers, Barbers, Gardeners, Fishermens, Store Keepers, Receptionists, Office Cleaners, Shop Assistants, Security Guards, Laundry/Washer man, Light Drivers and Heavy Drivers, Loader, Butcher/Meat Cutter
ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION: Welders, Painters , Foreman, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Marine Engineers.
HOTEL PERSONNELS: Hotel Managers and Supervisors, Waiters, Waitress, Cooks, Bar Attendants.
MEDICAL DOCTORS: Specialists / General Physicians / Surgeons / Staff Nurses.

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Education is an investment for generations - so goes our talisman. Committed to the cause of education, we would like to introduce ourselves as those, striving to help the student community with this metaphorical investment.

We strive to make sure that diligent and deserving students set themselves on the course of education of their flair and thereby embark on the profession, occupation, vocation, etc. that suits them the best and that they could make huge contributions to.

Subsequent to an extensive and nearly exhaustive ground work involving considerable time and effort, we have been doing this successfully for the past few years.

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